Residential Zero Turn
Joe's Power Center
534 S Washington St
Kimberly, WI

Service Description

Residential Zero-Turn Services

Change Engine Oil & Filter Only


$39.95 plus parts

Change Hydraulic Fluid & Filter
$119.95 plus parts


  • Drain hydraulic fluid from system
  • Replace hydraulic filter
  • Fill with fluid
  • Purge air from system
  • Adjust tracking
  • Test run

Maintenance Service Package
$139.95 plus parts


  • Change the engine oil & filter
  • Change the spark plug
  • Check and change air filter, if required
  • Check and change fuel filter, if required
  • Remove, sharpen and balance blades
  • Clean under mower deck
  • Check drive and deck belts
  • Check deck level and adjust, if required
  • Lubricate and grease pivot points
  • Check starting system
  • Charge and load tested battery
  • Check and adjusted tire pressure
  • Test run, check safety systems and engine RPMs